A pebble is the concentrated form of the earth, water, wind and sunlight.

Spiros Actipis
My creations and designs are inspired by the inexhaustible forms found in nature.

The actipis – Sea Pebble Jewellery creations are made of natural pebbles, shaped by the sea, collected one by one from Greek beaches. Unique and unisex, signed by the designer, they carry the positive energy of the sea. Inspired by nature, the timeless organic forms of the jewellery & accessories collections are composed of sterling silver, gold or bronze in combination with leather, rubber or string. An ultimate gift for your loved ones or an elegant treat for yourself, a highlight for your personal style and a memento of the summer spirit throughout the dark winter months.


Spiros Actipis was born in 1966 in Zakynthos (Zante), a beautiful island in the Ionian Sea. Growing up, surrounded by the sea, Actipis formed an everlasting bond with all things maritime. After a successful career as a graphic designer, he eventually finds his true calling: combining his love of nature with design expertise, he embarks on the creation of the handcrafted Sea Pebble Jewelry Collections.


His minimalist style as a designer was shaped by his studies and his initial career in advertising as a Graphic Designer, as well as by his teaching Graphics at the Graphic Arts School of Athens. After working in advertising for more than 15 years, he decides to channel his creativity into creating jewelry made by natural sea pebbles that he collects from Greek beaches.

Solo Exhibition
In 2003, Actipis’ first solo Sea Pebble Jewelry exhibition takes place in a renowned art gallery in Athens.
Workshop Athens
The brand identity of Actipis Sea Pebble Jewelry is launched and the Athens workshop starts operating in 2003.
Mykonos Store
The summer season boutique store starts operating in Mykonos Island.
To me, pebbles look like small, minimal sculptures of Mother Nature.

My inspiration lies in the organic forms of the perfectly smooth, naturally-shaped pebbles collected from Greek beaches. The energy and vitality of the sea and the sun still exists within raw pebbles. On the contrary, beads, semi-precious or precious stones, cut or processed by machines, have lost their original spark.

Museum Shops
Selected pieces from the Actipis Sea Pebble Jewelry collection are displayed in the Benaki Museum shops (Pireos 138 & The Ghika Gallery) as well as in the Museum of Cycladic Art shop. A creative collaboration is launched.
PIOP Collaboration
Jewelry designs by Actipis, custom-made for the Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil in Sparti, one of several museums set up by the Piraeus Group Bank Cultural Foundation (PIOP).
Design Exhibition
“Greek design - Good design” exhibition at the Helexpo Palace in Athens. A piece from the Actipis Collection features prominently on all promotional material.
Fashion Fair
The Actipis Sea Pebble Jewelry collection is included in the “Craft Fair III - The Fashion Edition”, at the “Fougaro” Cultural Center in Nafplio.
Athens Store
The winter season concept store is inaugurated near Syntagma square, in the center of Athens.
The Actipis Sea Pebble Jewelry collection highlights the perfection of the naturally shaped pebbles.
Every piece of the collection carries the signature of the artist in a minute detail, as authentication of the brand.
Through the years, the collection evolved.

New pieces, incorporating forms and shapes inspired by nature and cast in silver or bronze, are added to the main Actipis collection. For Actipis, inspiration is also drawn from sea creatures like shells, nautilus or the perpetual form of the spiral. Integrated and combined with eternal symbols of life at sea, these formations lead to unique designs that reflect the universal themes of infinity, faith, love and devotion. Such designs are the basis of the “Lucky Charms” Collection, which incorporates a new piece – usually a pendant – specially designed for the coming New Year.

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